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Multi Solutions serves marine and land based industries with innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly products and services for cleaning all types of closed water systems.
We are based at Husnes, near Bergen on the west coast of Norway.
We also have an office in Sweden.
Our products are approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for use in potable water systems onboard rigs and ships. All our products are environmentally approved by Statoil under their HQNF system.
Multi Solutions, in cooperation with Entagreen in Canada, are now the first in the world to offer an antifoulant that is 100% environmentally friendly
Our solutions remove rust, lime scale, barnacles, mussels, salt and other organic pollutants.
We work worldwide, and our personnel have in-depth knowledge which helps solve any problems onsite.

Our solutions ensure that maintenance operations can be performed more cost efficiently, faster, less personnel intensive and with no negative environmental impact, raising your operations and maintenance programs to a new and greener level.

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